Bed Bug Magic is a proprietary blend of water and natural enzymes. Contains no hazardous chemicals or petrochemicals.


Green Is Good 24/7™   "Keep the Environment Safe...Discover the Power of Enzymes"

Environmentally Friendly

All Green Blaster products are fully biodegradable to be safe for our shared environments large and small, indoor and outdoor.

Safe & Effective

Our products are formulated with natural ingredients that are safe for you, safe for our children, pets and plants; our products are not just non-toxic, they are safe, effective, non-irritating and always non-flammable.

No Harsh Chemicals

Green Blaster products work in harmony with nature to provide you and your family with safe, effective, economical options to replace harsh chemicals that can harm you and our environment.


Pest control for plant, herb and vegetable growing operations.

from bed bugs to mosquitoes
and much more

from yoga mats to mold
stains and windows

from household sprays to commercial grades, safe and effective

Green Blaster

is committed to bringing you products developed in harmony with nature, that are totally biodegradable and provide economical alternatives to harsh, risky chemicals. From our yoga mat cleaners that leave mats and other exercise equipment clean and fresh to insecticides that only kill pests not people, to mold stain cleaners that can make your home safer Green Blaster products use natural biodegradable ingredients. All of our products are manufactured in the United States and are never tested on animals. From our high recycled content packaging to our recyclable bottles our commitment to you and to our shared environment is to always deliver products that meet your needs for safety, efficacy and economy.


“Since we started incorporating Bed bug Magic with our bed bug services BBM has hands down fixed all of our previous issues with call backs. As professional exterminator we are very proud of this product ad our clients are referring our services as the best, safest exterminator in New Jersey!”

Jose S. , Pest Management Professional, New Jersey

“I’m an exterminator in New York City area and we just started working on bed bug jobs. We decided we wanted to use a safer product that wouldn’t require our customers to leave their homes and apartments but would still be highly effective. Well, we couldn’t be happier. We started using Bed bug Magic Exterminators Choice and are extremely pleased. Our staff love that they are not working with dangerous chemicals, our customers are pleased that they don’t have any chemical smell and we’re more than satisfied with the effectiveness. “

Tom S. New York, NY

“I must admit I was skeptical; when I read your claim to kill bed bugs in seconds and to be completely safe around pets- but now I’m a believer. Not only did your product get rid of bed bugs, it killed the fleas my dog kept bringing in. So then I brought some of your pet shampoo and now we have no fleas and no bed bugs. Great stuff!”

Mary L., Johnstown, PA

“I was shopping for a safer oil to use around the shop since the stuff in the blue and yellow can is so dangerous. I came across your site and your Green Rhino Lube. It sounded pretty ambitious, as good as the other stuff but non-toxic, non-flammable and even biodegradable. Since I got it we couldn’t be happier. It penetrates, loosens, lubricates and preserves. It does everything you claim- and more! Now if only you could make it somehow that the shop guys won’t be able to take it home!”

Butch D., San Antonio, TX

“My friends call me a tree-hugger and I guess I am, always looking for safer choices to make for things I use in my home and around my kids. A friend told me about Bed bug Magic so I did my homework to be sure it was safe and biodegradable. After seeing your video of the ham sandwich being sprayed then eaten, I was pretty convinced your products safe. Now that I’ve used it and seen how effective it sprayed then eaten, I was pretty convinced your product is safe. Now that I’ve used it and seen how effective it is against bed bugs and spiders I’m a true believer and it’s the only insecticide I’ll use. Keep developing products that work safely.”

Lilian V., Chicago, IL

“My company manages hundreds of apartments in the San Francisco bay area and, as you might imagine, we get many calls about bugs, especially bed bugs. We started looking for a product that our maintenance people could use so we could respond more quickly and effectively to our residents. We found Bed bug Magic and gave it a try. Our tests were so successful using the product and the Green Blaster Hazer we’ve rolled it out to all of our buildings. We’re saving time and money bet even more importantly our residents are happy to have their apartments treated more quickly, safely and with no chemical smell. Thanks for a great product.”

John R., San Francisco

“I got back from a trip overseas and was totally dismayed to see I had come back with bed bugs. Despite staying at 4 and 5 star hotels – and flying business class- we still picked up the little hitchhikers on our luggage. I had to do something before they could infest our home and bite my children. I called to order your Bed Bug Magic and was so thrilled when your order department said they could ship that day for next day delivery. I waited for UPS and was so relieved to see that brown truck pull up with my package. I treated the luggage, the space we had left the luggage in, the trunk of the car and was so totally relieved to inspect and find only dead bed bugs. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving our home from a costly, dangerous problem, your products and service are the best.”

Miriam B. Los Angeles, CA

“My son brought bed bugs home from school on his knapsack. Unfortunately, we didn’t find this out until he had been bitten several times. We were a bit frantic since we initially had no idea what had happened. Your service department was very helpful when we called and they helped us locate the source of our bed bug problem. When the Bed Bug Magic arrived the next day and we began treating his room I was so happy to be using a product that is safe around children, had no smell and was completely effective killing the bed bugs.”

Joanna Z., Fairfield, CT


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