Cannablast 80 Organic Insect Spray


Cannablast 80 Organic Insect Spray – designed for commercially scaled indoor or outdoor plant and garden grow operations. Available in one gallon, four pack of one gallon units, 5 gallon bulk containers and 55 gallon drums for use in standard agricultural sprayers. The application protocol suggests using 1 gallon per 200 plants on a 20-30 day interval. The recommended protocol for outdoor grow operations is to apply 1.5 gallons per 200 plants on a 15-20 day cycle. Double the recommended amount for a primary infestation treatment.


Cannablast 80 Organic Insect Spray is the highly effective, environmentally safe, natural solution for pest control in plant and vegetable grow operations. Whether your challenge is Thrips, Spider Mites, Russet Mites, Fungus Gnats or Aphids affecting your plants, flowers, buds or herb  – Cannablast is your safe choice, your natural choice for effective insect pest control with no risk to you.

Spider mites stress and damage cannabis plants by ingesting chlorophyll leaving white or yellow spots and slowing plant growth. Spider Mite webs on leaves and buds are difficult to clean and can make plants unusable. Aphids, the small yellow flying insects that often reside on the underside of plant leaves, have a rapid reproductive cycle often measured in hours, not days. Add to this the fact that they aphid feces attracts many common ants and you’ve got a double barrel problem. Like Spider Mites, Aphids consume plant nutrients thereby stressing and slowing the growth of the plant, and, have been reported to spread viruses which may stunt growth and retard flowering.

Fungus Gnats colonize around stems and soil. Though small in size they can be big in impact as they challenge root systems and weaken plants, sometimes significantly slowing flowering and reducing the usable crop yield.

One of the more common pests for indoor cultivators are Thrips. These pests feed on the sap produced by your plants causing stress, slower growth and diminished crop yield. Appearing initially like small worms, when mature Thrips will lay eggs on their ‘home’ plant, then fly to adjacent and nearby plants to lay additional eggs. Cannablast controls all of these pests and kills their eggs so even if your plants are already under attack, Cannablast is your most effective weapon.

Cannablast 80 Organic Insect Spray is an environmentally safe, completely biodegradable solution for pest management in plant and vegetable cultivation whether indoors or out. A single spray application will control pests for an extended interval (see below for more info), and, can be effectively removed with a simple water spray at harvest.

Cannablast 80 Organic Insect Spray is shown to boost nitrogen in soil and to enhance nutrient uptake in root systems providing a production boost in addition to pest control.

Available in three formulations for grow operations ranging from residential to commercial to hydroponic Cannablast is your safe, environmentally sound, one-step solution to pest management.

See our SDS on Cannablast.

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