Green Rhino Multipurpose Premium Lubricant




Green Rhino High Purity Lubricant’s non-conductive formula is a safe and effective multipurpose lubricant. It is effective on, will not react with, and will not cause pitting or etching on metals including steel, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze, stainless steel, iron and most alloys. Green Rhino is safe and effective on plastics, rubber and wood ; it will not harm chrome, anodized, plated, powder coated and most painted finishes. Green Rhino is clear, odorless and non-staining on non-porous surfaces; it displaces water and provides a barrier against rust and corrosion to protect and preserve parts. Green Rhino is an excellent rust inhibitor and resists breakdown in air, high UV and high moisture environments. Green Rhino is dielectric, carries no static charge and won’t attract dust making it an ideal lubricant for electronics. Green Rhino penetrates parts and displaces moisture; as a dielectric it won’t short circuit sensitive electrical equipment or industrial controls. Green Rhino’s non-static and dielectric properties also support applications in print equipment, print processing and other high power electronics equipment. Green Rhino is a non-toxic all-purpose lubricant for use on surfaces where incidental food contact may occur. All of Green Rhino’s ingredients meet strict standards and requirements for use around food and food processing equipment. Green Rhino is excellent for use on conveyors, refriger ator doors, food service carts and kitchen equipment keeping manual and electric systems lubricated, rust free and working smoothly.

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16 oz, 1 oz, 4 oz with Sprayer, Quart with Sprayer, Gallon, 5 gallon


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